• Hundreds of widgets and plugins specially created for the arts.

  • Manage all the details for Performances, Shows, Venues & Performers

  • Please The Press, and distribute your message

  • Manage your promotions with ease!

  • Be very very Sociable!

  • & much much more!

ArtDynamix web CDMS (Content & Data Management System) allows for easy marketing, publishing and editing of your web content from a central secure central hub that you and others in your organization can access from any web portal. Gone are the days of page-by-page web changes requiring knowledge of HTML or other web-publishing programs. ArtDynamix offers an easy-to-use and collaborative and permission-based way to manage your web communications.

What makes ArtDynamix different?


ArtDynamix was designed with the arts in mind. All information revolves around a focal point: the art. Whether it be a multi-week production, exhibit or single performance, the beginning of any new content starts with a page (built in just a few minutes) that highlights the art.


Most performing arts venues and museums have performances, special events and other activities on their calendar and programmed into their ticket/donation/admission database. ArtDynamix offers customizable calendar features tied to specific productions or as stand-alone events. ArtDynamix's system automatically collaborates with Google events to take advantage of the latest event optimization tools provided by Google.


Built from the combined needs of several nonprofit arts institutions, ArtDynamix is a clean designed, affordable CMS that brings tremendous value for small and large organizations alike. With core functionality and additional features that come at small incremental costs, ArtDynamix caters to your needs. Other Drupal and open source solutionsmay appear to be more affordable (or even free!) but they aren't built with artists in mind and can't be customized for your specific needs. ArtDynamix works with your budget, without cutting out the value.

Customizable - Really!

Your organization is unique, and as such, has its own unique needs. The customizable features allow a number of templates and features, that YOU can design, to be included and uniquely built into the system - all included in your core ArtsDynamix purchase! Whether your organization is more patron interaction driven, or wants to create a larger presence into the electronic community, ArtDynamix can direct patrons into purchase and donation processes on the web.


Built by IT professionals, and used by arts administrators for several years, ArtDynamix is straightforward, intuitive and understandable for the common adminstrator. And the best part is - permissions can be granted for individual users to make changes to all, or just portions, of your site. With unlimited users and groups available, anyone can be trained to understand and make appropriate changes in this truly dynamic CMS.

for the Arts

ArtDynamix was built to support, promote and market the arts - offering flexible, integrated and customizable content and data display, which allows your organization to easily engage with your audience. Whether you measure engagement in ticket sales, attendance, page views or time browsing your site, ArtDynamix offers an intuitive approach that best communicates the particular features of the art your organization presents. Plus, as your organization's needs grow, so does ArtDynamix.

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by the Arts

ArtDynamix was custom-designed for a multi-venue $10million arts organization but has value for smaller and larger organizations as well. Its range in usage have proven that the core features are valuable to any size organization or individual artist while still offering the "bells and whistles" for each organizations' practical needs. Both the core and customizable options come to the real world - allowing administrators to focus on the art, and not the IT.

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with the Arts

With site design and re-design packages available, ArtDynamix content also collaborates with nearly any current web design (which you may already have in place). This “data-agnostic” approach allows for more complete integration with other servers, web designs, purchase gateways and databases - including popular ticketing and donation software used by many organizations.

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Why invest in a static customized solution when ArtDynamix will integrate the resources of many organizations into a robust and cutting-edge solution for your specific organization's needs.


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