Arts Marketing and content management software, designed for art marketers.

Arts Marketing and Content management software, designed for art marketers.

Revolutionize your art marketing and improve patron experience with digital engagement that’s massively personalized for both the site administrator and the site user.


A Powerful Website Builder and Event Marketing Platform for the Arts

Meet ARTdynamix®

As art marketing specialists, we are dedicated to empowering your institution in a rapidly evolving market. With ARTdynamix®, you gain more than just a personalized, dynamic, and self-managing site. Our platform offers a comprehensive Digital Experience Platform, far surpassing traditional CMS capabilities. It's designed for marketers, performance data managers, and developers to create intricate performing arts experiences. We provide modern administrators with the tools needed to streamline workflows and drive high efficiency.


Bring in any event from any platform to your site, make it beautiful and make it your own. attach the event to any ticketing system, integrate any other API, manage your sponsors, and push your data to any social platform. We may not manage the event for you but ARTdynamix® knows how to make it shine.

Venue Rentals

Streamline the display and selection of the available rental venues. Share what is so special about your venue and make it look dazzling. Integrate with any other API, including booking systems and social platforms.


With our Exhibition Manager, you can bring in every aspect of your exhibit and blend it in to a melodic symphony of site and sound. Integrate any API into the exhibit page, attach your own event ticketing system, and provide an enhance the attraction of your exhibit for your visitors.


ARTdynamix® will import your classes, help you make them look attractive to the modern learner. Integrate any API into the class pages, attach your own event ticketing system, and promote your courses the way they deserve to be seen.


Manage and enhance your relationship with donors and patrons by bringing together all the elements you need to tell them why you need to be supported. Integrate donor management API, beautiful accordion benefits module, and many other features for a heart to heart conversation with your donors.


Our sponsor module, allows you to attach a sponsor to any element of your site. If they are a show sponsor, package sponsor, site sponsor, or season sponsor they will be celebrated appropriately within the shows, packages, season and sponsor pages.

for the patron's digital experience, enabling teams of marketers, performance data managers, and developers to create complex performing arts experiences. This API-first system integrates a CMS, automated event data delivery services, and a high-performing Event Marketing System, allowing for the creation and management of multi-channel experiences.

for Experience and Content Management allowing users to connect with multiple APIs to collect, analyze, and act upon data. It also offers a built-in Sandbox and an ever-expanding library of content marketing and patron development integrations and extensions, enabling users to build a digital environment tailored to specific requirements.

offering features like customizable event pages, efficient scheduling, centralized event management, and custom purchase paths. It also includes specialized modules for ticketing, accessibility solutions, and SYOS seating charts, enhancing the overall event experience.

and services essential for art organizations. This includes ticketing systems, marketing automation tools, press release distribution channels, and more, ensuring a cohesive and efficient digital experience for both the organization and its patrons.

Meet ARTdynamix

API Integrations

Our integrated CMS, automated event data delivery services, and a high-performing Event Marketing System ensure that your marketing efforts are not just streamlined but also impactful. ARTdynamix®'s modular design allows for the creation and management of multi-channel experiences, delivering rich, personalized experiences across various mediums. This versatility ensures consistent experiences regardless of the platform, making it an ideal solution for dynamic arts marketing. Let us help you in enhancing your digital experience processes with our expert services, ensuring a smooth digital transition and ongoing support for your evolving needs.


Our Clients are Saying About Us

So if you have a dream project, ... they will ... make it happen.

Many times, especially in the last year, we have been as short handed as it can get. Thanks to Artdynamix® and their team, we were able to keep our content going, put on online shows and keep our patrons entertained with a very short staff and next to no budget.

Our website enhancements allow for a superior online experience where visitors can access archival material, find out about upcoming exhibits and speakers, and explore everything we have to offer...across multiple channels. 

Other content management systems may work well for other fields but effectively communicating the benefits of the arts online requires software built for the arts. ARTdynamix® is that software.

Invaluable services in the areas of...web management and web marketing...some of my clients have several hundred performances, artists and events each year. Being able to get events up and running in a ticketing system is already a challenge, so it is...refreshing to use ARTdynamix® to integrate these events into a website as beautiful as the art we put on our stage.