Boston Symphony Orchestra

Boston Symphony Orchestra

UI/UX, App Development, Augmented Reality, and Digital Wallet for Concerts, Music & Events using ARTdynamix® CMS as middleware for the apps

in 2016 Boston Symphony approached us for an app that would be used as a wallet, but could do so much more. The app should allow for audio-visual playback and streaming, as well as provide important on-location information for the patrons. The app had to also act as an e-commerce portal and be able to manage individual preferences within the Family group. We were also asked to throw in applications that would engage the end users while they are on location.

  • UI/UX
  • App Design and Development
  • Tessitura API Integration
  • Web Application Development


We utilized ARTdynamix® as the backbone for a swift based App from which BSO, Tanglewood, and Boston Pops could manage and display their shows, their AV programming, provide locale-sensitive information, and enhance the visitors' experiences by providing bathroom, parking, restaurant, and menu information. These required "becon-like" technology integration into the app, for which purpose, DWG created a complete Beacon management interface in ARTdynamix®  utilizing Gimbal® Beacons and Vuforia® AR Software . in the case of Tanglewood Parking and car location, we had set up the system to use both Geo-fencing and Beacon technology for long and short distance accuracy. As a fun addition, we created a photo booth and a mem-generator option where the end-user could post their mems to their social media, or submit it to BSO for sharing.


  • Fully integrated with AV content feed and Tessitura data feed
  • Content management area/administration for App
  • User Registration via App
  • User Profile Management/Wallet
  • Ticket purchase and management for family and individuals
  • PhotoBooth and Meme Generator
  • On-location food, Nearby hotel, and restaurant recommnedation
  • Interface design for tablet
  • Specialty forms to pass on the donation directly thru API
  • User tracking across the app to the site
  • Geo-location Tanglewood – finding location, vehicle, and facilities utilizing both Geo-fencing and "beacons"
  • Geo-location Symphony Hall - - App-based “beacon” behavior and AR (videos, menus ..)
  • Full Cart Build with secure connectivity to Tessitura
  • Handshake availability with Marketo Marketing Automation for tracking carts and other user behaviors