With over 20 years of experience in website development for the Arts, DWG continues to build on the ARTdynamix® to make it the unparallelled content and marketing management partner for Spektrix®. During the last 20 years ARTdynamix has served as the backbone to a wide range of Art websites, such as performing art venues, galleries, theaters, museums and art centres.

We use conversation and discovery at the first step of every project. Through this process we listen and learn about your goals and values to ensure your organization’s message is clear and consistent throughout the customer experience - page by page. Our team understands Spektrix®, and we will partner with you and provide feedback and recommendations based on your requirements and our experience and technology best practices. We look forward to hearing your aspirational and operational goals. Our synergy with Spektrix® breeds creativity and paves the way for groundbreaking solutions.

We've crafted Spektrix-specific connectors using their API, which allows us to harmonize all event and performance data with your website. The data we extract from Spektrix varies with each venue and event but typically includes the following:

This integration is highly efficient, eliminates the need for duplicate data entry, and provides a centralized control point for essential event information within Spektrix. Meanwhile, ARTdynamix® allows you to supplement Spektrix data with marketing content such as program books, cast bios, reviews, photography, audio, and video.

As a result, Spektrix and your website work in harmony, and you spend much less time on duplicate entries and more on your marketing, especially when launching a new season.