ARTdynamix® Enterprise

ARTdynamix® Enterprise

Offer personalized digital experiences to your patrons
quickly and affordably

Modular Digital Experience Platform

ARTdynamix® introduces a comprehensive yet flexible Digital Experience Platform that enables teams of marketers, performance data managers, and developers to create complex performing arts experiences. This API-first system combines an integrated CMS, automated event data delivery services, and a high-performing Event Marketing System.

ARTdynamix®'s modular design enables it to function as a single platform for creating and managing multi-channel experiences. It allows for adding or removing services, ensuring customers have fast, high-performance digital experiences. Because of its versatility, it can deliver consistent experiences across any medium or platform, making it an excellent solution for dynamic arts marketing.

At its core, ARTdynamix® aggregates content and data structures and delivers optimized digital assets. This modularity enables arts organizations, marketers and developers to deliver rich, personalized experiences across multiple channels and devices.

Tailor the admin panel to your needs

With our fully customizable dashboard, you have the power to personalize your administrative tools. Drag and drop to rearrange sections, use sliders to adjust settings, and select from a palette of options to make the admin panel truly yours.

Enhance your digital experience processes

See for yourself the strength of ARTdynamix®'s modular technology. A tailored demo will show how it can transform your digital experience development processes.
​​​​​​​The ​​​​​​​ARTdynamix® platform's modularity allows you to customize your digital experiences to your specific demands, resulting in a unique platform for your business.

Integrated and Modular

ARTdynamix® minimizes implementation complexity with its modules:

Experience and Content Management (DynamiX Content): This module enables you to model and create experiences, boosting productivity with advanced planning, scheduling, and preview capabilities. Its design principle is to create once and publish everywhere.

Automated event data delivery services: This module allows you to connect with multiple APIs to collect, analyze, and act upon data associated with their patrons and performances. This service plays an integral role in the management and strategic planning of such organizations.

Event Marketing System: This module goes beyond promoting an event to improve sales.  It generates a lasting connection between your organization and your patrons.  Combined with our other services, this module can give users a digital experience that makes them a patron. 

Create Your Ecosystem ​​​​​​​

ARTdynamix®'s modular design enables you to accelerate deployment while mitigating risks associated with digital transformation projects. It provides an ever-expanding library of best-of-breed content marketing and patron development, integrations, extensions, and more, allowing you to build a digital environment tailored to your specific requirements.

Created for Collaboration

ARTdynamix® Enterprise is intended for multi-role collaboration:

​​​​​​​ Marketers

​​​​​​​ Directors

This modular and collaborative architecture presents ARTdynamix® Enterprise as a dynamic, adaptable platform that can grow with your business.

Expert Advice for Your Digital Adventure

At every stage of your modular implementation journey, ARTdynamix® provides comprehensive, expert-level support:

Expert Services: Implement with confidence with the assistance of our platform professionals. They will empower and train your staff, lowering the risks of your digital transition.

Customer Success:
ARTdynamix® is your trusted partner, assisting you in reaching your strategic goals and vision through solid success programs. This dedication to client satisfaction guarantees that your modular ecosystem flourishes and expands with your organization.

Customer Support: A specialized support team is ready to assist you in overcoming any challenges. They offer timely reactions and solutions and are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This around-the-clock assistance ensures that your modular system runs properly at all times.