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The ARTdynamix® Story

Learn more about the background, experience and philosophy that makes ARTdynamix® THE CMS for the arts

ARTdynamix® was developed in our creative think tank with the express purpose of supporting the arts. Your Patronage is an honor. Your success is our top priority.

LaMae Weber
ARTdynamix®, Dream Warrior Group CEO

Helping the arts implement smart, cost effective web marketing systems

ARTdynamix® is an intuitive, extensible, API-first content management system (CMS) with a robust and flexible presentation layer. We created this platform and subscription made specifically for the arts-for organizations and venues that need world-class websites without the astronomical expense. Ultimately our approach to doing business boils down to three core Principals:

  • Strive to meet the unique need of arts organizations
  • Be there 24/7 to make sure your marketing efforts are working seamlessly (even when your asleep)
  • Put smart functionality and beautiful design at your fingertips

Serving Arts Organizations since 2002

A tried and True Arts Marketing Machine

That's our vision for ARTdynamix®, and what we strive to create for each organization we work with. As complex and busy as arts marketing sometimes is. We know from hard-earned experience that it all boils down to money and time. If we listen, lead, and provide solutions that save you lots of money and time, we know we've done our jobs.

Which is really what this is all about.

Over the 18+ years we've spent in the arts, we've attended plenty of conferences and shindigs. We love rubbing shoulders with our friends and patrons of the arts! Time and time again, we encounter small to medium sized arts organizations, with limited budgets, doing one of two things: letting their brother run the site for free (with very poor results); or paying somebody to do it at an exorbitant rate.

Alas! It doesn't have to be this way.

You CAN build a great looking website, including all integrations, content, and reporting make you and your organization really good. Your "dream web solution" as we like to call it-the all-in-one answer to your website woes.

We can show you how, in fact, we've built an entire platform dedicated to solving this problem and this problem alone. It's our humble contribution in support of the arts, but one we know can make a world of difference for your organization.

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