Event Marketing & Digital Experience Management for Performing Art Organizations

Welcome to ARTdynamix®, a powerful website builder and event marketing platform designed specifically for performing art organizations. Our comprehensive digital experience management system allows organizations to effortlessly manage their websites, promote events, and optimize content for search engines. The platform integrates seamlessly with most ticketing and customer management systems, making it a one-stop solution for arts organizations. We also offer a convenient and affordable monthly pricing plan, making it accessible for organizations of all sizes.


ARTdynamix builds beautiful websites

Take Your Organization's Website from Humdrum to Five Stars

Be the creative vision for your organization's website. Build something everyone can get behind, from patrons to professional stakeholders, to executives and board of directors.

ARTdynamix Marketing and content management system

Make Every Marketing Dollar Count

What good is dumping too much money into a clunky website that can't deliver results? With ARTdynamix®, you'll have fast and dependable website, a shining web presence, and all the marketing tools that a typical art organization needs build right in-all for a very competitive monthly subscription.

ARTdynamix helps you save time in managing your site

Worry Less About Managing Web Content & Marketing Integrations

Get Back all the time you'd otherwise spend adding shows to your site scheduled, updating content, and tinkering with third-party integrations. ARTdynamix® frees up time and resources so you can focus on what matters most to your organization's core mission.

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Why should you use ARTdynamix® ?

  • Quickly integrate with most ticketing and customer management systems
  • Have all the marketing tools you would need to promote your events
  • Build a bold and high-performing website
  • Manage multiple functions from a single dashboard
  • Optimize shows, events, web content and tags for search engines
  • View and share analytics with greater clarity and ease
  • Enjoy a convenient, affordable monthly pricing plan
  • Work with people dedicated to the mission of the arts

If we've learned anything throughout over 20 years of experience in the arts, it's that time and resources are of the essence. So, we built a full-featured marketing and content Management system to meet the unique needs of the arts organizations large and small- to help you gain greater visibility for your programs. Generate more revenue and reclaim your precious time.

Everything you need to support your mission in an art marketing and content management System is built into ARTdynamix® (and we make you look really good doing it).


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How Your ARTdynamix® Website Subscription Works

For a flexible monthly plan, you can use ARTdynamix® to build a site using our handcrafted templates. Host it on our servers, and make-hassle-free updates at any time you need. Perfect for artists and musicians, theater companies, arts organizations, and performing arts venues

  • Describe your dream website using our automated form
  • Select the subscription with the options and features you need
  • Enjoy a guided implementation with help if you need help

ARTdynamix Subscription is easy, sign up and get started

What platforms does ARTdynamix® integrate With?

Easily manage your website and marketing activities in one place:

  • Marketing Automation
  • Press release distribution
  • Ticketing Systems (most via API)
  • Email marketing platforms
  • Form Management
  • Google tools
  • Others (we will create many additional handshakes for the SaaS version at no charge or cost-only for unique items, as we have done for the enterprise)

Art deserves to be shared, showcased and supported. We believe your website ought to be a key part of that effort, helping drive website traffic, build visibility, and support smarter marketing decisions. Subscribe today to get started.

ARTdynamix is fully integrated with many trusted web services

What is Unique about ARTdynamix®

In addition to our Content Management tools, we already have all the features Google requires for a well promoted content:

  • Pre-built website themes with templates
  • Support for most integrations and APIs
  • Press Room (to push, or download press releases and images)
  • Recommended events: “You might also enjoy…” (populate similar events)
  • Search/Filter events by genre/venue
  • Archive of program books or other needed PDFs
  • Shows, events, fundraising, and content
  • Full support for Google translation API
  • Search engine optimization at your control
  • Mobile first responsive
  • Dynamic Menus
  • Fully Visual Page and template Builder available to extend your site
  • Easy, user friendly CMS allowing more staff to make edits to website
  • Metrics tracking: Google Analytics, Facebook pixel ...
  • User management with access control list
  • Staff and Board Directory
  • Artist Information Management
  • Event Calendars
  • Show and Event listing pages
  • Media Galleries for video, audio and images
  • Many more Plugins available add-ons upon request.
Find the amazing number of building features in ARTdynamix

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